Custom Collateral

Some customers still prefer to have their printed materials developed in the old-fashioned way, without using our lesser-priced customizable templates located on the site. No problem. MMGWorks has a qualified team already designated to handle these requests.

The list of potential Custom Collateral projects include:

  • Rack Cards
  • Rack Brochures
  • Sales Folders
  • Profile Cards
  • Airport Signage
  • Meeting Facilities Guides
  • Map Development
  • Logo Creation
  • Outdoor Boards
  • Print Ads
And much more . . .

  • Traditional, offline print collateral development process
  • Access to hourly creative designers and copywriters, specializing in the hospitality industry

  • Truly custom materials
  • Work closely with a project management team

Pricing structure:
Each project is provided a written estimate based on the specific input you provide.

To find out more, fill out our