E-mail Acquisition Program

Start building a database of your guests' e-mail addresses for future marketing efforts with the MMGWorks' e-mail acquisition program. The program gives you the opportunity to offer immediate awards to your guests just for providing their e-mail address to your front desk staff.

The actual awards for the guests are determined by the local management team and could range from a complimentary spa treatment to F&B credits. Front-desk staff write the name of the guest, their check out date and the specific award on each coupon.

The program gives you everything you need, including a poster, two easel backs and coupons with in-house offers, all for one low cost. You can manage the e-mails you collect in your own database, or send them to MMGWorks for data-entry and storage until you're ready to use them.

Once you've collected enough addresses, be sure to use MMGWorks' e-newsletter and e-mail campaign tools to send professional, customized news and offers to this valuable group of previous customers.

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  • Includes one 22” x 28” poster, two 8.5” x 11” easel backs, 500 3” x 5” coupons
  • Matching, pre-printed coupons may be hand-written at the front-desk to expedite the check-in process and simplify award distribution

  • Hotels collect valuable guest information for future marketing efforts
  • Increase guest satisfaction by offering an immediate perk at check-in

Pricing structure:
  • Collateral price (bundled) $450.00 plus shipping & handling
  • MMGWorks data-entry into Excel file $105/hour

Terms & Conditions
  • Subject to all Payment and Product Return policies