Property Positioning & Planning

MMGWorks' Property Positioning & Planning process will give you a clear understanding of your hotel's positioning in the marketplace and help you develop a better strategic approach to business.

Use our straight-forward, self-guided questionnaire and take your hotel through our 10-step strategic journey. You will respond to both fundamental and challenging questions designed to confront current perceptions and uncover new opportunities for growth.

For a more thorough and precise approach to strategic planning, choose to have a professionally moderated, on-site session with a senior member of MMGY Global's hospitality marketing team. In a four-hour session, Chad Giddings, Vice President of Strategic Planning for MMGY Global, will guide you through our 10-step journey and lead you to improved insight and planning.


  • Immediate, strategic, thought-provoking questionnaire
  • In-depth, professionally facilitated marketing analysis

  • Allows hotels to take a more strategic approach to their business
  • Allows hotels to have a better understanding of their current positioning in the marketplace
  • Allows hotels to develop, expand and secure their property's positioning in the marketplace

  • Self-directed, questionnaire option: $200  Click to buy
  • 4-hour moderated Property Positioning Session: $7,500
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